Sesvetski Kraljevec Kindergarten

Sesvetski Kraljevec
2500 m2
City of Zagreb
competition entry
Ivan Galić
Robert Bodiš, Rea Vidović, Boris Vidaković, Marko Salopek, Sanda Moharić

The new kindergarten is located in the context of suburbs that is becoming a more desirable place for a young family. The town s periphery is growing to the scales of medium-sized cities, such as an example at the edges of Zagreb. The outline of kindergarten follows the boundaries of lot creating a mild, curved and partially indented shape of a green hill.

In this way the natural terrain passes to the building of the kindergarten, and the building of the kindergarten becomes an extension of the natural terrain and vegetation.


They integrate and permeate the spatial-ambient dimensions of the kindergarten architecture and the functional characteristics of the natural terrain on which it is located.

The building with its curved form organically defines the most protected central inner part according to which all of kindergarten units are orientated. The focus of this form is the outdoor playground in the south, which protects the building itself with its natural configuration and thus opens up the connection between the external and internal units. The central area of the outdoor playground is surrounded and protected by the shape of the building and represents a flexible space for meeting, interaction and merging of the activities of the group units.

In this way the entire surface of the lot remains green area, with surfaces provided for outdoor playgrounds, partly sunny and partly in the shade with areas for play, rest, exploration of water, nature and vegetation.


The system of pedestrian roads, green roofs and soft slopes, which are an integral part of the kindergarten building, creates the inherent connection between the natural terrain and architecture with the circular communication connection of all common areas for the purpose of maximising potential interaction spaces among children.

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