Homeland Memorial

Public space
1200 m2
City of Zagreb
competition entry
Ivan Galić
Rea Vidović, Sanda Moharić, Robert Bodiš, Cvijeta Franka Škarić

The artistic solution of the Monument to the Homeland was achieved with an architectural approach in the design of monument and materials and integration into the public city space. The monument is located centrally on the city axis of The Većeslava Holjevca Avenue from which you can read the development of the identity of the city.

The pedestrian lane, set in the centre, covers the base of the monument as well as the pedestrian in a north-south direction. The dimensions and form of the monument seek to reconcile the human scale and the urban scale of the location.

The profiles of the frame are made of black iron square that aims to achieve the impression of a neutral architectural linear network that serves for the basic articulation of space and volume. The full volumes are performed from the plates of corten resistant to atmospheric influences, while the walkway is formed from the stretch of plate corten.

Within the sculptural composition it is possible to pass and retain, thus creating a new public space that provides the possibility of a meditative framework for visitors and passers-by.


Empty frames that rise in height are illuminated by diffuse light from below. They emerge from the light, which gradually reveals, shapes and outlines their outlines. On the underside of individual volumes, the light of the LED panel falls towards the ground and ambiently illuminates the public space inside and around the sculptural composition.

In this way, when marking anniversaries, light-art scenarios are possible in which light brings volumes to life and enters into dialogue with the color of the surface of the cortex, making it more variable, intense and alive.

Interplay of surfaces and light symbolically conjures up the heat of the flame, or the color and structure of the earth and soil, emphasizing the patina. The monument opens unobtrusively to the surroundings, invites and directs to itself, while maintaining a calm and dignified presence in the darkness.

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