Social Welfare center

1300 m2
Ivan Galić
Robert Bodiš

The building is conceptually shaped as an assembly of organically distributed elements. The context of determines the organization of individual elements in the neighbourhood, fitting into the recognizable and tame vision of a low family construction. The slope is used to fall towards the southwest for the loosing and natural positioning of the smaller archetypal shapes of houses with roofs, which ensured the integration into the local context.  

The building is formed around the inner courtyard through a loose assembly of archetypal houses with pitched roof and thus contributes to the impression of the neighborhood and fits into the local context.


The houses are distributed around a protected yard providing views to the city. The base of the cellar and the ground floor of the building terraced into the steep terrain in a way to accompany natural decline of the terrain. All the houses have ensured a quality orientation to the south and southwest with a view of the city.

The assembly is formed by the cutting of the base into the terrain which in its basement contains all the utilitary spaces, and in the ground floor the necessary spaces for the daily activities of the protégé of the house.

Thus, on the plateau of the base of the building is formed an inner courtyard according to which all living and working areas of the home are oriented, which serves as an extension of the activities of the home in a safe and protected open space. There are houses around the inner courtyard that offer accommodation units. 

On the ground floor there are living room, dining and other activities which are oriented towards the south and the inner courtyard. Living areas and dining can be easily connected to common spaces and also extended to the outdoor facilities such as recreation, gardens, a playground for children and a garden terrace with tables and benches. Workspaces with offices are located near the main entrance while the accommodation units are located in the newly distributed houses.

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