Supetar Elementary school

Supetar, Brač
5800 m2
City of Supetar
3rd prize - public competition
Ivan Galić
Boris Vidaković, Robert Bodiš, Iva Erak, Hrvoje Končar

The new elementary school is planned not far from the center of Supetar, in the urbanised part of the city where the typology of individual family houses prevails. Inside small scale urban grid is the location of the new elementary school complex with a sports hall and a garage. The requested architectural program with its dimension exceeds the scale of the environment.

The school is designed to establish a relationship between the two conflicting scales – a small scale that seeks to retain the character of the neighbourhood and the large scale that creates new social content and public space. 


The school is divided into two units which intertwine simultaneously creating different relationships to the environment, as well as new public and school spaces. Along the street, there is a series of smaller-scale volumes that have a direct relationship with neighborhood that adapts to the building rhythm. 

The large volume of the new sports hall is withdrawn in the back of the lot and sunken below street level. Above the sports hall there is a plateau with sports terrains and a school square.

Along the west side of the street there are a few sets of functional units with pitched roof in the format and scale of the surrounding buildings.

A library, a gym and outdoor sports courts are available directly to the local community. The concept of separated volumes of classrooms provides benefits in the overall shaping of the object and the window is enabled on the most favorable orientation with respect to the direction of sunlight.

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