Pazdigrad Kindergarten and Elementary school

7700 m2
City of Split
competition entry
Ivan Galić
Mladena Ahmetović, Dubravka Perica

The planned terrain for the school and kindergarten is extremely demanding due to the irregular shape, steepness, but also because of the relationship between the existing and planned roads that surround it. The school and kindergarten facilities are designed as a single unit and with the same conceptual starting points – the series of slabs that follows slope of the terrain to the south, and are oriented to the common square. By subtracting the individual parts of the terrain, public exterior surfaces and an access square are formed.

The school square was created by cutting into the field and cantilevering a large surface that creates a sense of safety and protection while moving away from the traffic.


The entrance from the main square is covered by a wide porch and in addition to the entrance to the school there is also access to the sports hall. The three-part sports hall is hidden beneath the school slabs. The system of parallel school slabs and kindergartens provides optimal south orientation, while the slope of the terrain is used to enable view.

At the same time, towards the street a dynamic game of volumes and parallel contours projecting the dynamics of the topography of the terrain is created. 

All the slabs are connected by a system of horizontal communications designed as ramps, and between them is formed a protected space for work and play. All the kindergarten units as well as classrooms have a direct exit to the exterior or terrace. The slabs are connected by the central main corridor, the so-called internal school street to which all vertical communiccations are connected.

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