Stenjevec Kindergarten

2200 m2
City of Zagreb
2nd prize - public competition
Ivan Galić
Boris Vidaković, Rea Vidović, Robert Bodiš, Hrvoje Končar, Iva Erak, Jurana Hraste

The new kindergarten Stenjevec is located on the outskirts of Špansko housing estate, but also on the edge of the urbanized territory of the city of Zagreb. The environment of the kindergarten is a place defined by the atmosphere of the Wim Wenders movies

it is almost a metaphysical space with a bus station and new eight storey high residential buildings located along the fields with a view towards the neon landscape of shopping malls


The concept of building its own context is proposed without direct relation to an existing, already changing state without clear criteria. The architectural composition of the volumes is almost autonomous due to the environment, but at the same time subordinate to the kindergarten program. A small scale is adapted to children, but set up to establish order and structure of space, perhaps more than it seems possible only by the program of the given square footage.

Results of the competition for the new Stenjevec Kindergarten

2nd prize for the NOP Studio

The living rooms are defined by the ceiling of the pitched roofs and the occulus in the corner, thus emphasizing protected character of space. The cloakroom is treated as semi-open and oriented to joint communication, allowing the circular connection of units through hallways spreading into units and forming a new common area – a small square as a meeting place.

Flexibility is not only derived from the addition of adjacent area units, but in setting the units into a unique relationship that simultaneously allows children to interact, but also generates a new common space.

All hallways are treated to as extensions of certain content and vice versa, namely – corridors, wardrobe, ateliers, multifunctional hall and dining rooms are treated as part of a same space. Their boundaries are only marked by high beams defining different character of spaces.

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