Kindergarten Brezovica

2137 m2
4th prize - public competition
Ivan Galić
Robert Bodiš, Maja Pijaca, Tiana Pavlić

A new kindergarten is planned in the undeveloped area between the settlements of Brezovica, Brežnik Brezovički and Hudi Bitek. The architectural-urban concept of the new kindergarten simultaneously accepts the current state of the undeveloped plain space and the planned newly designed residential area.

In the mentioned context, the spatial potential of the formation of a preschool institution, which is located within the UPU along its eastern border, next to the main road and pedestrian access to the new settlement, is evident.

In response to the specificity of the context, the concept of building one's own microcontext is proposed, which has the potential to anticipate different future spatial scenarios. The architectural composition is almost autonomous with regard to the environment, and at the same time focused on the optimal realization of the kindergarten program and neutral towards the future developmental and design elements of the environment.

The spatial-functional concept is based on a rationally organized floor plan with the activation of spatial-functional specifics and program requirements through the cross-section of the building. Part of the building together with the outer perimeter walls and playgrounds forms a kind of ring whose goal is to achieve quality future functioning by design, regardless of the currently insufficiently known influences of the contact environment. The position and organization of the kindergarten building and the design of the terrain and horticulture of the outdoor areas must prevent all potential negative impacts and provide an appropriate architectural solution to them.

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