Sports hall for A. Kovačić Elementary school

1400 m2
City of Zagreb
2nd prize - public competition
Ivan Galić, Vanja Ilić

The school grounds within which the new sports hall is planned is part of the linear axis of the public buildings of the residential estate Špansko. The large area of the plot of the existing school enables quality disposition of the sports hall program while retaining the green character of the space and the low exposure to the perimeter traffic. The simultaneous planning of new green surfaces, sports fields and new sport hall enables the formal and functional integration of external and internal spaces.

The relationship between the existing school and the new hall, relatively small program and large plots allow creating a continuous green area.

Instead of conventional building, the new sports hall is formed by denivelation of green surfaces and partial burial of the hall.


Connecting the existing school facility and the new sports hall is possible without interruption of external surfaces and external connections. By partial burial and treatment of roofing surfaces such as topography, the continuity of connections (schools and halls) and the continuity of external links (playgrounds and terrain) have been enabled.

Instead of the usual vertical and horizontal communications, the design proposes ramps that enable a step-by-step crossing of different altitude levels, and also allows for easier use of the facility for people with special needs. The result is functionally pragmatic, but also spatially exciting and dynamic. The partial enticment of the hall allows you to come to the stands from the position of the terrain.

In the formal expression of the existing school object and the new hall there is no competition, and the level of the natural terrain and the more important available area of the plot of the school is virtually equal. The new Sports hall is designed as a new artificial landscape that enables the continuity of external and internal connections and communications.

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