URIHO Rehabilitation Complex

Public buildings, Sport
30000 m2
City of Zagreb
1st prize - public competition
Ivan Galić
Ante Senjanović, Bojana Benić, Anja Mraković, Mladena Ahmetović, Dubravka Perica, Kristina Martinec, Goran Mraović

Over its sixty years of activity the Institution for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons by Professional Rehabilitation and Employment (URIHO Zagreb) has created excellent foundations for the affirmation through work of this social group and achieves excellent results in its operations, the quality of which has achieved market confirmation. The site of the complex is situated in the Kajzerica estete in the Novi Zagreb, on an elongated lot immediately adjacent to the rail embankment and the old complex URIHO. The complex is divided into two basic architectural components with clearly separate functions: one component is formed of a horizontal stretch placed parallel to the rail line in the north-south direction containing the public areas and finishing to the north with a multi-purpose gymnasium. The other component is formed by the separate block of the home for disabled persons, also placed on the northern perimeter of the lot, slightly rotated in relation to the horizontal stretch. 

The production area is for the most part articulated through the ground level, which does not necessitate stairways. It has been conceived as a green embankment, a very elongated hill, and lacks a conventional façade - rather the sides are formed as a green slope with vertical gaps. The work facilities are situated in the interior of this stretch, with two functional lanes situated on the sides: one encompasses a depository/warehouse to the east facing the chief supply lane, while to the west is a cloakroom and auxiliary rooms for users of the space. This simple disposition allows for spatial flexibility and direct links between all of the necessary functional elements. The subterranean level, which has separate access, houses a warehouse and parking area, providing for the excellent integration of the facilities and road traffic.

The roof of the single-storey base is a green landscaped area on which smaller blocks are situated housing machinery related to the production content or that create an ensemble with the administrative area. The principle of alternating full and empty spaces within the "structural carpet" concludes to the north with the rehabilitation centre. Here a breach opens through the stretch creating an open plaza that faces the gymnasium under which there is a sunken interior public area with various communal facilities. In the spirit of the entire building, the volume of the gymnasium is set on a base with an active roof accessed via a landscaped slope.   

A special effort is directed towards sustaining the integral nature of the design while also achieving a distribution of small, more intimate segments. The courtyards, active roofs, plaza and park make the complex an integral part of its urban environment that, depending on the needs and wishes of its users, is able to regulate the melding of public areas and the exterior surfaces of the building itself--from an entirely open to an introverted utilisation regime. What is key is that it offers the possibility of gradated inclusivity, overlapping and social interaction that will, in future, develop according to real social dynamics and that does not preclude any possible use scenario.

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