Swimming pool complex Svetice

6300 m2
City of Zagreb
purchase prize - competition
Mirela Bošnjak, Mirko Buvinić, Maja Furlan Zimmermann, Ivan Galić
Neven Bilić

The Svetice swimming pool complex is conceived as a single volume space within which the pools, the auditorium and all the accompanying spaces are inserted. The premises and form of the building are designed so that they can accommodate different programs by the pool.

The multifunctional  space is defined by a permeable membrane that combines façade, pedestrian approaches, auditorium and accompanying spaces. Along the façade there is a continuous procession around the pool that allows users to access different facilities. All accompanying rooms are placed in a volume of the same contour as the outer permeable membrane between the pool and the façade.

The auditorium is located on the volume of accompanying contents, and in addition there is a training ground, a promenade and a place for rest  and recreation.

The volume is covered with a slightly inclined cassetted ceiling that is perforated in order to allow additional illumination of the interior. The surrounding permeable membrane allows you to view the pool, but also from the pool to the access square to the north or to the sunbathing area in the south. The cutouts within the membrane allows for a gradual opening through the layers of the envelope and the filtering of light and views.

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