Sports hall for T. Brezovački Elementary school

2600 m2
purchase prize - competition
Mirela Bošnjak, Mirko Buvinić, Maja Furlan Zimmenrann, Ivan Galić
Neven Bilić

The project of building a new school sports Hall was recognized as an opportunity to devote more actively to the exterior of the school and the environment. The school was built in several phases by adding buildings which resulted in visual noise. The principle of adding has spent a large part of the plot area and today there isn t too much of green space that is not utilitary.

The new sports hall is designed along the northern edge of the plot with a design trying to compress the surface and leave as much free and open surface. This would make the new green face of the school, but also the place of meeting of the pupils in various activities. The school yard is defined by a wooden platform that is perforated with openings for trees. In contrast to the schoolyard, the school garden has a more intimate character, there are circular benches for sitting and resting and new trees.

The functional disposition of the space of the school sports hall, but also the design concept is determined by the lateral setting of the communication, and the placement of the two-part sports hall on the first floor, the hall for gymnastics is in the basement, and all the prepositions at the level Ground floor. In this way the volume compression was achieved so as not to take a large surface on the plot, but also enabled the exciting functional and spatial interweaving of the two halls.

Consequently, the entire spectrum of spatial and light experiences is formed –the basement to the hall that hovers upstairs. Both halls as well as the entrance floor with all the accompanying areas are connected by side communications located in the length of the façade, which results in a specific architectural promenade that climbs from the basement to the level of galleries above the seatings. At the same time the clear volume of the hall was achieved, which will simply get membrane diffused façade enabling sufficient daylight.

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