Extension of High school with Sports hall in Rovinj

Sport, Education
3500 m2
purchase prize - competition
Mirela Bošnjak, Mirko Buvinić, Maja Furlan Zimmermann, Ivan Galić
Neven Bilić

The old High school is a historical building, extroverted and self-contained architecture, seemingly almost impossible to build next to. The basic question becomes a way of extending the building. The extension of the school is elongated volume that closes the courtyard area between the old and the new building.

The ring of two new communication verticals in the upper part of the high school enables the connection of the old school with all new facilities (sports hall, multifunctional hall, yard). The existing principle of the corridors in the old school is applied to the to the northern corners of extension creating communication ring to which the classrooms are bound, and which opens towards the atrium. The east-west direction is open towards the gardens and the school hall.

The area of the sports arena and the atrium of school yard is connected via a multifunctioanl hall that allows them a range of functional extensions. The extension is partially lifted on the pillars so that in contact with the old school creates a porch that leads to the inner courtyard. The ground floor of the extension is opened so directly continues to the old gymnasium building and allows the smooth flow of users. The atrial character is retained in by means of an open terrace that accompanies a ring with classrooms on the level above. The difference in height between the east and west approach is overcome by a wide ramp (staircase), which due to its small slope.

One of the elements of the new assembly is the playground on the roof of the sports hall that needs to be protected by a transparent material that emphasizes the character of the open space surrounding. The selected material is a galvanized mesh wire. This type of material is also suitable for the protection of glass surfaces creating a wire grid on the facade. The active role of the grid is for plants climbers in the creation of the changing appearance of the façade of the sports hall.

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