Social Welfare center NP1

1180 m2
Ivan Galić
Robert Bodiš

The building is formed on the steep terrain in such a way that it and follows the layers and the natural fall of the terrain.

The building is formed around the inner courtyard and is accompanied by an irregular and steep surrounding terrain in a way that, outside, it does not exceed the height of the average ground floor.


The maximum passive protection of the building, as well as the internal external space, is achieved. At the same time, residential areas are formed with a view of the city and the south orientation. The building is organized around the inner atrium which represents a safe and protected outdoor space that contains all the necessary spaces for the activities of the residents of the house. On the ground floor there living rooms, dining and other activities .

Living areas and dining rooms can easily connect to common spaces. It also extends to the outdoor facilities such as recreation, gardens, a playground for children in nature and a garden terrace with tables and benches.

Workspaces and treatment areas are located in the northeast corner of the ground floor, while the economic and utilitaritic facilities in the southwestern part of the ground floor. All rooms and living areas have balconies with passive protection from the sun, and the positioning of the accommodation in the upper two floors provides a quality view of the city.

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