Central Dalmatia Visitor Center

600 m2
Ivan Galić
Kristina Martinec, Goran Mraović, Darija Turina

The visitors centre is a new attractor located in Dugopolje, at the entrance to the Split-Dalmatia county. Within the center is foreseen presentation of all attractions of Split-Dalmatia county, allowing a new multimedia experience of the most important places.

The Central Dalmatia Visitor Center is located in Dugopolje, close to the motorway exit, surrounded by newly constructed business facilities and located next to the Dugopolje Stadium. The premises are divided according to functional units that form spatial assemblies of multimedia center, restaurants and café bars, and kiosk systems.

The program designated catering and multimedia content with small space requirements and is recognized as sufficiently neutral to enable the creation of a new architectural form as recognizable attractors - sign in the space of a generic context. Significant effort is devoted to creating a recognizable object that should become a new tourist station at the entrance to the Split-Dalmatia County. In the composition of regular cubes of different dimensions measure almost disappears. Grid within which cubes are set in a dynamic relationship with the plot of triangular shape, and the surrounding construction of larger scale.

The whole composition is defined by cubes with different spatial relationships revealing interesting perspective from the outside at the same time creating a Mediterranean shaded environments which is within the context of Dugopolje chronically missing. 


The concept allows for optimal sizing of the individual units and modular design, thus avoiding the construction of more massive structures. The archetypical cube element, present in Croatian recognizable visual appearance, consistently interpreted through different dimensions, structures and phenomena of the same material. Materialization of the complex in white concrete is proposed as a modern interpretation of Mediterranean stone.

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