Vrbani III Development

Urban planning
299200 m2
City of Zagreb
3rd prize - public competition
Mirela Bošnjak, Mirko Buvinić, Maja Furlan Zimmermann, Ivan Galić
Rene Lisac

The proposal of the urban concept of the Vrbani III development proposes a residential estate concieved as a city visible from the lake. The specific proximity of Lake Jarun is ignored by competition propositions and thus a chance to establish a relationship with the lake itself is missed. Escaping from the lake because of fear of destroying the lake by building, or avoiding spatial conflicts, results in avoiding interaction.

Dwelling on Jarun does not mean offering a lake as a living room but to achieve the highest quality of life in a residential complex which will bring the nearby recreational areas with additional quality.


The northern part of the development is designed with solid edge blocks and slabs so that it the urban ambience of the city street dominates while the southern part is conceived as a spatial contrast- the blocks grow into a wide hoop that defines the void with park. Scale of the Street replaces a series of three-dimensional fragments of the block that pulsiating suggest different residential typologies. The eastern part is intended for accommodation of recreational and sports facilities, which is integrated into the green zone.

When we walk along Jarun we see various glazed barracks, nightclubs and cafes, but we do not see the city. The feeling of staying in nature is necessary to preserve but it is not necessary to hide that Jarun is part of the city. We need to see the city from the lake. According to this, the construction of the solitary towers was foreseen, which would be visible from the lake. Vertical accents become part of the identification image of the settlement in the wider city context.

A priority of the sequence of the space is established, not the form s priority. The scale of the settlement grows as it approaches the lake – a narrow line of sky along the Horvaćanska avenue is replaced by a mirror-reflecting sky in Jarun Lake.

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