Sopnica Kindergarten

3900 m2
Ivan Galić, Vanja Ilić
Ante Senjanović, Breza Paić

Kindergarten is planned in a newly built residential settlement of Sopnica – Jelkovec on an elongated lot looking on low apartment buildings on the south and a traffic road in the north. As a consequence of the elongation of the plot and the default program the dominant determinant of the kindergarten becomes a cross-section that is extruded. The program envisages a two kindergartens with individual common functions formed as two equivalent kindergartens combined into a single unit. Bipolarity is clearly expressed through symmetrical volume and equality of two inputs. 

The main communication link in the east-west direction connects all the functional groups and serves as an expansion of space. The load-bearing structure is modular and easy to perform-the system of bearing reinforced concrete walls and pillars with panels as ceiling and roof construction.

All nursery units are located on the ground floor, have a south orientation, direct exit to the terraces that are located on the natural terrain, while all the kindergarten units are located on the first floor, also have a south orientation, direct exit to the terraces that are on the outside and connected with stairs to outdoor playgrounds and green areas.

Two multipurpose halls stretch in continuity, and can be used as one large space. This space is also the central space of both kindergartens, which neutralizes the strong corridor system of very long buildings.

On the edge of the western part there is a planned space for future construction of the swimming pool which can be used as a closed playground/sandbox. The peripheral position provides flexibility for possible replacement content, while at the same time the future pool has a favourable position to access the outdoor natural terrain and terrace.

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