Kutina Kindergarten

2600 m2
City of Kutina
competition entry
Ivan Galić

As a starting point, a large parcel is taken that provides a free floor plan and the use of mild slope terrain. The circular connection of internal communications simultaneously forms the fenced semi atrium connected with other external terrains, forming outer spaces of different character and degrees of protection. 

Form of the kindergarten allows positioning of living rooms on the ground and utilization of the sloping roof as a contact of the multifunctional hall with open surfaces of the roof. Low silhouette, spiral climbing and glazed facets give the effect of almost pavilion fitting into existing green surfaces.

The slightly rounded, elliptous floor plan provides more space for favorable south orientation for nursery and kindergarten spaces, while the employees areas have an eastern orientation while the north and western are reserved for communications. 

Nursery units are located in the north, upper part and has orientation to the south and direct exit via covered terraces. Considering that they are looking at a semi-enclosed open space in the middle of the building, these units have their own outdoor space for a game that is connected to the rest of the open surfaces, but at the same time very protected from the rest of the lot. The kindergarten is located on the southern perimeter at the level of the natural terrain, and outdoor playgrounds are positioned on the south and west part of the lot, and are easily accessible from all units.

The multifunctional hall is located between the nursery and kindergarten in the immediate vicinity of the entrance, and because of its specific position above the kindergarten unit has the possibility to exit to the open terrace of the walkway roof. The circular connection enables over the gentle ramparts that all the spatial units are maximally connected simultaneously with the ideal orientation. The glazed hallways also provide additional illumination to the residence units on the north side.

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