Rujevica Development

Urban planning, Housing
4570000 m2
City of Rijeka
competition entry
Ivan Galić

The project envisages maximal utilization of terrain topography in order to activate attractive views, bring sunlight and neutralize all the consequences of the high density program. Residential typology is conceived as a combination of elements of individual and collective building, thus achieving a large program density, while retaining all the essential conditions for quality housing.

The project recognises the existing qualities and, accordingly, positioning new facilities-educational institutions are located in a quiet, flat, elevated part of the lot in the immediate vicinity of the residential area, same as the large parkland areas, and sports recreational Zone.

The proposed housing typology comes from the context where individual building prevail, and the structure solves the problem of the sloping terrain and the high default density. The concept of business premises in the M1 zone assumes a similar pattern of structure and adjacent residential construction, while the business zone M2 characterize the solids of different widths and interspaces located in the north-south direction. In the western part of the southern flat plateau there are social and sports facilities, while the school and kindergarten are located on separate area in the immediate vicinity of the residential zone and green areas.

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