Mullerov brijeg Development

Urban planning, Housing
281000 m2
Miler centar
purchase prize - competition
Ivan Galić
Mladena Ahmetović, Dubravka Perica, Marina Brletić, Darija Turina

Topography is taken as a starting point for the maximum possibility of using a sloping terrain for sunlight and views. The street with minimal slope follows the terrain layers. 

Large program density is achieved while retaining all the essential conditions for quality housing by a combination of individual and collective residential typologies and building types.

The concept of green fingers – protective and park greenery enters deep among the residential segments, and binds to the existing forest on the eastern edge. Green Horseshoe – The new city park borders the M2 zone and serves as a buffer zone.

Educational institutions are positioned in a quiet, flat part of the lot in the immediate vicinity of the residential area and large parkland areas, as well as sports and recreation zones. It is proposed to preserve the remains of autochthonous greenery in the function of the Parkand protective greenery.

A new business and residential complex with bars and public pedestrian areas on the ground floor creates a new city business center which is positioned next to the traffic terminal of the city transport and with the proximity of the main city Road – Ilica.

The residential streets are branched from the main street, and can be easily formed in different time stages, allowing the building in phases. The main zones are separated by green surfaces. Zone M2  has existing infrastructure and entrances, and can be built almost without any infrastructural works.

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