Swimming pool Špansko Oranice

5300 m2
City of Zagreb
5th prize - public competition
Ivan Galić
Rea Vidović, Robert Bodiš, Hrvoje Končar, Boris Vidaković, Sanda Moharić, Ivana Slavnić, Iva Erak

The location for the new swimming pool is at the junction of the Špansko Oranice housing estate and Zagreb Avenue, where the regular grid of residential estate, rotated for approximately 45 degrees, is colliding with the straight axis of avenue. As a result remains an irregular pentagon that simultaneously belongs to the residential estate and Avenue. At the same time, the pool is part of two conflicting scales and principles – on the one hand, the uniformed settlement of the apartment buildings and on the other the uncoordinated avenue of the almost metropolitan standard. The size of the new swimming pool is significantly smaller than any of the buildings on the avenue, and at the same time it is a deterred from the rhythm of residential estate.

The new pool is conceived as a single volume from which the parts are cut thus creating a number of specific spaces that allow the use of external surfaces. In the north, oriented towards the estate is a large covered access square as an expansion of the ground floor that allows access to the pool user. The terrace of the café provides the ability of the interior space through the café to the entrance porch. In addition to the pool, there is an  indoor sun deck, and the exterior, which compense for the absence of outdoor terrain.

Results of competition for new Indoor swimming pool Špansko Oranice, Zagreb

5th prize for the NOP Studio


Zagreb Society of Architects (DAZ)

On the south side, the homogeneous volume is dissolved by the glazed facade that lets the southern sun to the interior of the pool and create an iconic night image towards Zagrebačka Avenue, but also a kind of screen to the scenography of metropolitan bustle In the background. The default layout is solved through the string of functional groups, covered by elaborated steel structure which, in addition to the constructive role, uses the elements of sun protection for building physics and interior shading.

The final form is the result of the coating the whole building in identical coating of panels of reflectable metal that adapts to the different needs of the interior and makes the volume of the pool homogeneous. Form is the consequence of the tension of the coating around the structure that accompanies the given contour and function.

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