Zagorje Gastro Center

Interiors, Tourism
Sveti Križ Začretje
70 m2
Krapinsko-Zagorje County
Ivan Galić
Robert Bodiš, Sanda Moharić, Rea Vidović

As a basic conceptual and composition element of the articulation of space, a cardboard tubular element is provided. Cardboard tubes are selected as an interior design element due to the flexibility of use and low production price. They provide the possibility of integrating additional elements such as white plexiglass circular panels that are mounted as cover surfaces (top base) of the caron cylinder, and serve as a use surface.

All tubular elements are also hollow and serve as storage elements. Cardboard elements are grouped in such a way that within a circular layout they create focal points with corresponding purposes. The basic groups within the layout are the space of the info desk, showroom, tasting area for food products and beverages, seating groups and presentation space.

The accompanying rooms of sanitary and kitchenette fix a circular connection within a circular layout and are lined with black wooden plats, which represent local material as an associative connection with the climate and the genius loci of the place where the info centre is located. It was necessary to design building element of the space that would provide flexibility and the possibility of rapid transformation. 

Cardboard pipes are a product of domestic industry as well as wooden lined plats, and are materials that can be easily and easily manipulated.

The idea was to create a simple and stimulating space based on cheap, modular and easily interchangeable elements.


The demands of modern life, tourism activities and the need for local authenticity have refreshed the need to create a unique space that will be recognizable in all its modalities of use.

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