GM housing

800 m2
Ivan Galić
Iva Erak, Robert Bodiš

The building is located in the western part of Zagreb, surrounded by predominantly individual residential construction. The site is located on the sloping terrain, bordered by the street on two longer sides and approaches at two different  levels. Within one volume, a series of three units with a total of nine apartments was designed.

The building interprets the various residential typologies characteristic of Zagreb suburbs, thus testing the possibilities of bringing together a street series, an urban villa and a smaller residential building within a single volume. The new volume does not fit the already visual heterogeneous context of the existing construction, which is dominated by dense construction of individual construction of a different scale. Additional visuals are also possible by retracting the ground floor, but also the impression of less spatial congestion.

By shaping and materializing buildings, GM is almost autonomous given the context in which it is located. The final contour is defined by slats that pass in front of walls, windows and vertical cavities, i.e. atriums. The finishing lining with slats simultaneously serves as a consistent formalization of abstract shaping, but it also has the function of protection against sun and the creation of an intimate character of apartments.

With regard to the accommodation at the top of the hill from the upper floors, different views towards the city and Medvednica mountain are opened, which is a reason why the apartments on the upper floors have living areas located on the higher and bedrooms on the lower floor. At the same time, apartments on the ground floor level are allowed to use outdoor spaces. It should be noted that all apartments are provided with luxurious outdoor terrace areas.

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