House SD1

700 m2
in progress
Ivan Galić
Ante Senjanović, Mladena Ahmetović, Kristina Martinec, Goran Mraović

Residential building is located in Sveti Duh Street, north of Ilica and in the contact zone of urbanized residential area where individual building is predominant. Since the existing terrain is higher from the street, the level of the cellar is on the basis of existing access to pedestrian areas. For this reason the apartments have a roadside and pedestrian access at the level of the basement floors.

The main volume of the house of the hexagonal floor plan complements the smaller ones that continue on the functional whole floors. 

A clear split of the rectangular central area with the main contents of the apartment from the service rooms in the triangular parts is emphasized. One apartment occupies the entire floor in the basement and ground floor, while the third apartment is two-storey and occupies the floor and indented floor.

The central area of the largest apartment has double height that makes the apartment more spatially attractive. Above the central space in which the studio is located, the roof glass  provides additional illumination of the workspace. 

The central transparent part of the building opens with its views to the city and its distinctive landmarks.


The façade is shaped by contrast of large glass screens versus smaller openings of service spaces. Sun protection elements are blended into the ventilated system of the façade of the tin panels thus completely concealed.

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