SEECEL Entrepreneurial Learning Center

Mixed use, Hospitality
8900 m2
Ivan Galić
Tamara Barešić, Marija Beg, Kristina Martinec, Goran Mraović

SEECEL (The South East European Center for Entrepreneurial Learning) brings together more content for different purposes. The basic function is administrative with accommodating also includes multiple workshops, classrooms for seminars, congresses, etc. SEECEL center consists of five functional groups: office area, area for sharing of knowledge, accomodation and restaurants, service and garage and outdoor areas - innovation park. 

The importance of energy efficiency defined that building maximally capture southern orientation, the elongation of the facility uses a rational corridor system of space and functional groups, and their overlap in places where specific internal connections are programmed. Structural shifts in the plates provides a direct southern brightness of internal communication corridors on the upper floors of offices and a hotel. 

The content area neutrality and basic settings of stacking volume efficiency are adapted to the energy and research of architectural form as a whole comprises a number of cube. The result is an elongated dynamic form that is oriented with its oscillating appearance to the city Avenue on the south side. 

Energy efficiency was achieved with multidisciplinary approach - a spacious architectural design, selection of engineering systems, building physics, selecting technology solutions with the façade system, the specifics of electrical installations and lighting control in combination with the integrated control system protection from the sun, using renewable energy and others. 

SEECEL center is complemented by its environment with an innovation park that complements the main purpose of the center so as to be used as a place of socialization of all users and also as a place to promote the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. An integral part of the park is a covered passage to the southern part of the building that functions as a protected area for additional activities, exhibitions and events in the park. 

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